Apply to join our artist rotation

The Odd Collective is a community of 20 handpicked artists showcased in our curated online store. (Please note this is a selection process. We do not automatically upload your custom orders to our store)

With no hassle and no costs involved we make your designs available on our range of apparel and homewares. We do all the hard work so you can keep making rad art… webstuff, uploading, promoting, printing, post office queues and dealing with customers.

At the end of each month we give you $5 profit from each item sold ($AUD) The more you sell, the more you make. Easy.

As a small company we put artists first. We work to sell your products through our social media, local markets plus our network of bloggers, stylists, magazines and social media influencers. With every online purchase the customer receives a collector card about you including all your social media links so they can stay in touch.

Each artist is featured online for a total of approx. 5-7 months keeping customers up to date with the coolest-of-the-cool by serious artists without having to scroll through a million products.

You can apply to join all year around.

We take designs of any subject, style or medium and are looking for 20 completely different artists to showcase at any one time (hence the name ODD meaning mismatched… like odd socks)

If you are putting together an application here are a few tips that may help…

  • we need to see your art. Please send 3 examples of your work. They can be low res or have watermarks on them, but need to be the finished artwork you would submit if chosen. Please do not send 30 examples. We also like to see that you can curate your own work and show us your favs.
  • have a style. We want to see a consistent vibe from your art.
  • show us your social media links. We love looking through your Instagram or Facebook to get a better idea of your art. We are not looking for millions of followers just serious artists who draw, doodle, create, collaborate, obsess and live for their art.
  • think about how the artwork will sit on different garments. Designs can be rearranged to fill space as a pattern on homewares or central on a tee. Feel free to mock-up onto garments so we can see it as a range (not compulsory)
  • we love to sell exclusive designs but this is not a 100% requirement.

We are not experts, so have fun with your application. We have close to 500 entries a year and would love to choose more than 20, but at this stage feel it is important to keep the number small and offer greater exposure to each artists selected.

Don’t give up if you are not selected. We love seeing styles evolve and as mentioned above we are looking for 20 very different artists and occasionally have a few too many people already in a particular subject or style but may love your stuff so please try again.

Please note: What’s yours, is yours! When we add your artwork to The Club of Odd Volumes, you continue to control the rights to it.