Help + FAQ

Question I can not find your phone number or address?
AnswerWe are currently a 100% online business so do not offer a pick-up service.

Our main point of contact is email. We tried the phone thing, but it became a bit hectic. For all questions, quotes, concerns, general inquires contact us via

We are generally at the computer between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday, AEST and reply pretty fast.

Question What currency are your prices in?
AnswerAll prices listed are $AUD

10% GST is included for Australian customers. We do not include invoices with parcels so please let us know if you require a tax invoice.

Question I would like to return a product?
AnswerAll online shop purchases are printed-to-order.

Yes, thats right, once you place an order we fire up the printed and make it just for you. Because of this we do not hold printed stock and therefore can not accept returns for the wrong size or change of mind.

Please select your size and design carefully.

Email us if you have any questions regarding faulty products and we can consider appropriate solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Question I can not find a design I saw online previously?
AnswerThe Odd Collective is a curated online store where we rotate our artists every month within the online shop. This means a fresh batch of talented people with a massive range of all new designs for you to choose from.

If you liked a design and it is now gone from the club website you have a few options…

  • Pick something new by one of our current artists
  • Follow that artists on social media. Lots of our artists start their own online stores once their residency has ended
  • Follow the Club on Instagram / Facebook / email to know when rotations are coming up so you do not miss out

Remember every purchase you make gives money directly to the artist who designed it, so shop knowing you are helping independent artists pay the rent, buy more art supplies and live the dream of making art.

Question I like a design but would like it on a different garment?
AnswerPlease feel free to email if you would love to see it on a particular item and we will see what we can do.
Question How long does it take to print?
AnswerBoth custom design and purchases from the online shop are printed-to-order.

Please allow 1–5 days for printing subject to quantity and garment availability. You should then add shipping times onto that.

If you need something in a hurry please email us before placing the order and we will see what we can do.

Question Are my custom designs automatically added to the online shop?

Our online store is a curated platform for 20 artists at a time. You can find more info about joining The Odd Collective here.

Question Can I print onto coloured tees / polos / hoodies / singlets?
AnswerWe are happy to order in any product from the AS COLOUR catalogue whether it be a special size, cut or colour. Please email for more info.

If you prefer a different brand you are welcome to supply your own garments for screen printing only.

Question Can I re-brand my garments?
AnswerWe currently leave all original branding on apparel and homewares from our suppliers. These are generally small discrete labels inside garments and on the back of garments with legal requirements and wash instructions.

Here at The Club we do not have a re-labelling service, but our apparel supplier AS COLOUR does. There is a charge per garment depending on which tags you want added and replaced in addition to the cost of woven or printed labels. Please email us for more info.

Question Can I print onto fabric by the metre?
AnswerWe do not print yardage. Our machine is a flat bed print rather than a roll fed machine. Our maximum print area is 40 x 45cm.
Question Can I print my designs onto bedding?
AnswerThe bedding you see within the Clubs shop is printed off-shore, not by us here at the Club. Like most off-shore production runs we have to order in bulk, so are unable to make custom one-off designs. We are happy to work with you on large orders (over 100 units per design).
Question Can I print on cardboard / paper / wood?
AnswerThe Club does not print onto papers / card etc with either our digital printer or screen printing. We are able to make vinyl decals which can be applied to a range of surfaces including signage for walls and windows / wood / metal (most smooth surfaces)
Question Can I print something I stole from the internet?
AnswerThis can be a hard subject to navigate.

Some images are ok if in the public domain or fall under parody law, but most importantly the print quality is often not good enough. What you see on a screen is low-res and we need it to be high-res so it does not print blurry.

We also take claims of potential infringement seriously. When you upload artwork to custom print, we presume YOU CREATED the artwork uploaded.

We will ask you to agree to the following:

  • you created the artwork or hold the commercial rights to reproduce the design
  • if the legal owner contacts The Club of Odd Volumes, they will be re-directed to you
  • you understand illegal use of content is a serious offence and leads to penalties.


Its also not cool to rip off other artists! If in doubt ask permission.

We wrote a small article on copyright over on our blog

Question Can I add a card or gift wrap?
AnswerAll purchases come wrapped in complementary Club wrapping paper. Feel free to add a note with a message to that someone special and we will include it on a free gift card 🙂

We do not include invoices inside packages so you can send gifts directly.

Question How can I become an artist featured in your online store?
AnswerThe Odd Collective is a curated online store where we rotate two of our artists every month within the online shop. This means a fresh batch of talented people get a chance to participate.

Check out more information here including how much you get paid each time one of your designs sell and an application form to get started.

Question Who chooses the artists featured? Any tips?
AnswerWe choose the artists in-house. We are always looking for a range of different styles / subject matter / mediums etc. We do not want all 20 artists looking exactly the same

If you are putting together an application here are a few tips that may help…

  • Upload pictures. We need to see your art. They can be low res or have watermarks on them, but do need to be the finished artwork you would submit if chosen
  • Show us your social media links. We love looking through your Instagram or Facebook to get a better idea of your art vibes. We are not looking for millions of followers or breakfast and baby pics, just serious artists who draw, doodle, create, collaborate, obsess and live for their art
  • Think about how the artwork will sit on different garments. One design can be rearranged to fit as a pattern all over homewares or central on a tee. Feel free to mock-up onto garments so we can see it on a range of styles (not compulsory)
  • Have a style. We want to see a consistent vibe from your art
  • We love to sell exclusive designs but it is not 100% a requirement
  • Mostly have fun. We are not experts. We have close to 500 applicants a year and would love to choose more than 20, but at this stage feel it is important to keep the number small and offer greater exposure to these artists
  • Don’t give up if you are not selected. We love seeing styles evolve and often choose people who have applied more than once because the timing is now right. As mentioned above we occasionally have a few too many people already in a particular subject or style but may love your stuff so please try again

Question How do you recommend washing my new garments?
AnswerFor longer lasting garments and prints we suggest

Cold wash /  Line dry (do not tumble dry)

Avoid bleaches and harsh soaps

Question What type of ink do you use?
Answerour digital inks are all environmentally friendly water based dyes. they carry not only the Oeko-Tex® certification but are also CPSIA compliant to help ensure they are safe for printing on youth garments
Question Are your garments ethically sourced?

  • All clothing, big and small, is supplied by AS COLOUR. designed by kiwis and made offshore, their production facilities are W.R.A.P certified, ensuring a sweat-shop free product and ethical work conditions
  • 100% cotton tea towels are produced in India and we also offer a hemp / organic cotton alternative that are made in Western Australia.
  • Pillowcases, cushions and tote bags are bought through Australian suppliers / manufactured off-shore
  • Bedding is made off-shore with well researched manufacturers

We have attempted to source offshore goods that are made in an ethical and environmental way. We have a very close working relationship with our suppliers and believe that good workplace standards, decent health and safety requirements, fair pay and conditions, and care for the environment are important elements in business success.