File set up tips


  • 300dpi high res artwork
    We want you to get the best results so will attempt to email if we feel artwork is not the best quality. However if this is all you are able to source we are happy to print low-res. This will result in a blurry or pixilated image and often unreadable text
  • 40cm x 45cm max print size (see below for individual product sizes)
  • RGB / CMYK (We prefer RGB which are converted for brighter results. If you are able to supply this it saves us time adjusting)
  • PNG with/without transparent backgrounds give the crispest lines, but we also accept jpg.


  • Eps, ai or pdf if created in Adobe Illustrator. Please convert all text to outlines.
  • Please supply at 100% or with measurements.



  • Single colour eps, ai or pdf if created in Adobe Illustrator. Artwork must be a vector. Please convert all text to outlines.
  • Please supply at 100% or with measurements.

Tips to set files up for custom upload online


Print size varies between garment sizes. Eg. XS ladies – XXXL mens tee. Because of this we do not print the exact measurements shown in the uploader. We work from the mock-up to proportionately re-size each artwork to fit each size tshirt. If you would like a specific size on garments, please be sure to add this as a note in the checkout.

We suggest setting up all artwork at the maximum size (40x45cm) so when scaled down you get the best quality prints. This includes kids and babies garments.

The upload box appears to fill a lot of the tshirt area. Please note that on larger garments (XL / XXL / XXXL) we are restricted by our maximum print size (40x45cm) so designs will not fill as much space as the mock-up.

Digital printing can’t print over seams, onto sleeves or inside back neck. Please talk to us about screen printing these options. All garments are 100% cotton and pre-sewn before printing.


Maximum print area 35cm wide x 38cm long

We can’t print over seams or on the handle. All tote bags are pre-sewn.


Maximum print area 40cm x 40cm square (Cushion size 45cm x 45cm)

We can’t print over seams. All cushions are pre-sewn with zip at base.


As well as a large portrait central print (40cm wide x 45cm long) we can also print two landscape halves to fill more of the tea towel.

Each half is printed separately and re-aligned by eye. Because of this we can not guarantee the two halves will line up to the exact millimetre and this is why we can NOT cut a solid image or coloured background in half (see example A). It must have a white background break in the design so when re-aligned it is not noticeable.

The join does not need to be exactly in the centre or a perfectly straight line. (see example B) This can be two interlocking pieces. They must not be longer than 66cm long when combined (40cm high individually). e.g one half could be 40cm x 45cm and the other half 26cm x 45cm.

This restriction is for digital printing only. If you are looking to purchase in bulk we can screen print up to A2 (42 x 59cm)

We can not print to the very edge or over seams. All tea towels are pre-sewn.



This single or double print system is also available for pillowcases however landscape.

Single central print size : 40cm high x 45cm wide (landscape)

Double print size : 70cm wide x 45cm high when combined.