Our story

It all started June 2012 with a few random drawings and an Etsy store.

Realising fast that friends also wanted to print their art onto textiles we started custom printing tees, a few tea towels for a local market and a promotional tote bag here and there. Slowly word spread and a few artists started printing goods with us to re-sell.

Printing for artists became our main focus and as anyone knows getting web traffic is hard. They needed a community that was not too large that they got lost and a company that would look after them personally, take on some of the boring admin, and help promote each of them. This became known as The Odd Collective. (Odd meaning varied or mismatched)

In August 2013 with almost 20 artists we launched our new online store. We deal with customers, payments, printing, packaging and daily trips to the post office and then give the artist their profit. To keep it fresh rather than adding more artists, we decided to cap it at 20 artists and rotate them to give new up-and-coming talent a chance to get exposure too.

And that is pretty much how it took off.

Along the way we have worked with over 100 artists, raised $45,000 on kickstarter to bring a dream of bed sheets to life, introduced a heap of new products, upgraded from the back room of our apartment, and then relocated the business to the coast to work on our tans in between printing.

We are an Independent company with a team of only two. Our main reason to get into business was to help the little guy. We are artists ourselves and still get that twinkle in our eye when we get to print something super rad.

We’re always open to your feedback so get in touch via email at shop@theclubofoddvolumes.com or show us some love on Facebook or Instagram.


Thanks to you all for the support,

Sarah + Matt