Our services

The Club is split into two main areas:

Shop our artists designs and/or create your own custom printed textiles

Within the shop you can

  • support our artists
  • shop the Clubs own range (including an exclusive bedding range)
  • shop our Club merch store and rep some rad Club tees

Our curated artist collection of designs are digitally printed in-house onto a range of garments and homewares. Every time you shop we give money directly to the artist who designed it, helping them pay the rent, buy more art supplies and live the dream of making art. We rotate two artists in the store every month to keep you up-to date with coolest of the cool.

If you are looking to create your own, we have a few different printing services to get the job done. Whether you are an artist looking to sell tees, a band looking to sell merch, a company looking for promotional gifts, a team looking for uniforms or just wanting to make a one-off personalised present, we have you covered.


To create your own we have three different methods. See the breakdown to choose which might best suit your requirements.


Like ink jet printers, this technique allows you to print photographic images one garment at a time, making it a perfect choice for small run full-colour designs. You can mix and match different designs and garments to qualify for bulk discounts

  • no set-up cost
  • no colour separations. full colour
    (CMYK + white ink)
  • no minimum print run
  • second side $5 extra
  • max print size : 400mm x 450mm
  • 1–5 day turn around
  • cotton garments only
  • artwork : png, jpg (300 dpi)
  • upload online 24 / 7 to order


Screen printing is a traditional print method in which each colour in a design is separated into individual screens. Screen printing is cost-effective for printing large custom orders like uniforms, large corporate events, wholesale etc.

  • $75 set-up per screen (A3 size)
  • price calculated per colour
    (can print Pantone and fluros)
  • 30 unit minimum
  • second side requires new set up + print price
  • max print size : 420mm x 594 mm
  • 10-14 day turn around
  • a range of fabric types
  • artwork : ai, eps, pdf
  • email artwork only


Think of vinyl as a giant sheet of sticker. We take your design and cut it out, then remove all the little bits that are not part of your art. This can take 10 mins or two hours depending on how complicated your design is. We then heat press to the garment

  • no set up cost
  • single colour vinyl. We have gold, silver, copper metallic foil + solid colours
  • 2 units minimum (can be different artwork)
  • second side calculated on complexity of art
  • max cut size : 400mm x 450mm for garments
  • 1-5 day turn around
  • a range of fabric types
  • artwork : single colour vector. ai, eps, pdf
  • email artwork only